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Martin County Florida Service Abandoned Vehicles

Any vehicle abandoned on any county road, swale, alley or public easement may be red-tagged by Code Enforcement.

Martin County Florida Service Commercial Vehicle Regulations

Commercial vehicles are prohibited from being openly parked or stored in residential areas.

Martin County Florida Service Excessive Trash, Rubbish or Debris

Excessive trash, rubbish, debris or other material within unincorporated areas is prohibited.

Martin County Florida Service High Grass or Weeds

Excessive accumulation of untended vegetative growth exceeding 18 inches in height within 100 feet of any improved property is prohibited.

Martin County Florida Service Household Pets

In all residential areas, except those zoned as agricultural, only the usual house pets such as birds, cats, dogs, etc. are allowed.

Martin County Florida Service Inoperable Vehicles

An inoperable vehicle can only be kept on private property within specified guidelines.

Martin County Florida Service Junk on Private Property

Junk and/or salvage are not allowed on any private property except in areas zoned or approved for junkyard use.

Martin County Florida Service Property Maintenance

Report the lack of maintenance on a structure in unincorporated Martin County.

Martin County Florida Service Recreational Vehicle Regulations

There are specific regulations as to where a recreational vehicle can be located within Martin County.

Martin County Florida Service Red Tag

Red Tag or Stop Construction work order due to violation of County Construction Codes & Safety.

Martin County Florida Service Report Illegal Dumping

Report the dumping of any materials in unincorporated Martin County which may cause a hazard.

Martin County Florida Service Report Pool Issues

Report the lack of a pool barrier (fence, screen, or net) or unsanitary conditions in a pool.

Martin County Florida Service Report Unpermitted Structures

Report construction performed without a building permit.

Martin County Florida Service Report Unsafe Structures

Report an existing structure creating a hazard to the public.

Martin County Florida Service Sign Regulation

The Sign Regulation outlines the specifications for all signs in Martin County.

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