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Abuse - Adult:
Domestic Violence - Safe Space/Domestic Violence
Provides safe emergency housing/shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children.

Domestic Violence Hotline - Florida Department of Children & Families
Serves as a clearinghouse for information relating to domestic violence.

Report Suspected Adult Abuse in Florida - Abuse Reporting Hotline
Use this secure website or phone number to report vulnerable adults who are abused, neglected or exploited.

Women's Safe Space - Safe Space/Domestic Violence

Abuse - Substance: Back to Top ^
Alcohol Abuse - Alcoholics Anonymous
Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics achieve sobriety.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (ADAP)
Provides substance abuse treatment services.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Counseling and Recovery Center, Inc.
Provides comprehensive treatment services to District 15, which includes St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River and Okeechobee counties.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse - New Horizons of the Treasure Coast, Inc.
Serving children and adults by providing behavioral healthcare services in Indian River, Martin, Okeechobee and Saint Lucie Counties.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Mental Health Department

Alcohol and Drug Abuse - Comprehensive Addiction Recovery Program (CARP)
Alcohol and drug rehab in a supportive sober communal setting.

Drug Abuse - Drug Abuse Treatment Association, Inc.
Provides services in Palm Beach, St. Lucie, Martin, Indian River and Okeechobee Counties without regard for the individual's ability to pay.

DUI School - Comprehensive Offender Rehabilitation and Education (CORE) Program
Educational classes for DUI offenders.

Martin County Florida Service Project Northland - Substance Abuse Prevention Program

Evidence-based underage drinking and substance abuse prevention program.

Substance Abuse - Treatment Alternative to Street Crime (DATA)

Martin County Florida Service Substance Abuse Services

Substance use/abuse assessments, psychosocial evaluations and drug testing are available.

Counseling and Support Services: Back to Top ^
Counseling and Grief Support Groups - Treasure Coast Hospice

Family and Financial Counseling - University of Florida

Marriage Counseling - Catholic Charities
Provides a team approach to working with couples who are in crisis.

Financial Assistance or Counseling: Back to Top ^
Basic Needs of Individuals and Families in Crisis - Jesus House of Hope, Inc
Provides for Basic Needs of Individuals and Families in Crisis

Budget Counseling and Debt Management Programs - Consumer Credit Counseling Services
Provides free education programs for consumers who are overextended and comprehensive housing counseling.

Martin County Florida Service Educational Information on Credit and Identify Theft

Provide Educational Information on Credit and Identify Theft

Martin County Florida Service Educational Information on Personal Finances

Provide Educational Information on Personal Finances

Emergency Financial Assistance - St. Vincent de Paul Society - Hobe Sound

Financial Assistance - American Red Cross

Martin County Florida Service Financial Assistance for FPL Bills

Care to Share offers financial assistance for those in crisis toward late, final or cut-off notices for FPL bills.

Financial Assistance to Pay Utilities & Other Necessities Based On Need - The Salvation Army (Martin County)
Provides Financial Assistance to Pay Utilities & Other Necessities Based On Need

Financial Help (HRS) - Florida Department of Children & Families
Apply for food stamps including temporary assistance for needy families (TANF). Check case status or benefit information.

Martin County Florida Service Lend a Hand Program

This program is designed to provide emergency assistance funds to customers who are in a financial crisis situation and unable to pay their water/sewer bill.

Martin County Florida Service Martin County Cremations/Burial Program

Assistance may be available if a loved one has passed away and the family has no financial means to take care of final arrangements.

Martin County Florida Service Rental, Mortgage or Utility Assistance

Financial assistance is available for those in crisis for rent, mortgage (once every 18 months.) and/or electric, propane or water bills (once every 12 months).

Section 8 (Eight) Information - Stuart Housing Authority Inc.
A resource for any type of information for the public concerning federal housing, including foreclosures, mortgages, etc.

Food Assistance: Back to Top ^
Food Assistance - Meals On Wheels By The Council Of Aging Of Martin County, Inc.
Home delivered meals to eligible residents.

Food Assistance - St. Vincent de Paul Society - Hobe Sound
Volunteer organization helping the needy with food.

Food Assistance - The Grace Place
Provides limited food from a small food pantry.

Food Assistance - Treasure Coast Food Bank
Obtains, warehouses and distributes food and personal items to needed individuals, nonprofit agencies and denominations that feed people at no charge.

Food Stamps - Florida Department of Children & Families
Enables low-income families to buy nutritious food with Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards in authorized retail food stores.

Ladle of Love Program - First United Methodist Church in Hobe Sound
Provides meals on Saturdays through their Ladle of Love program.

Meals for Seniors - Congregate Meals for Seniors
Provides warm lunches for seniors.

Meals on Wheels - Council on Aging of Martin County
Provides a hot, noontime meal to those who are unable to shop or cook. The meals are delivered Monday through Friday with weekend and breakfast meals available.

Homeless: Back to Top ^
Funds Programs to Help Persons Who are Homeless - Homeless Assistance Center, Inc

Homeless Assistance - Jesus House of Hope, Inc
Provides direct payments to landlords, mortgage companies, utilities, pharmacies, etc. on behalf of clients.

Homeless Assistance - The Salvation Army (Martin County)

Homeless Assistance - St. Vincent de Paul Society - Hobe Sound

Homeless Assistance - Shelter Plus Care Program (Martin County)

Homeless Assistance - Mothers, Infants, Striving for Success (M.I.S.S.)

Martin County Florida Service Rental Assistance for Homeless Individuals

Individuals who have been chronically homeless, have a disability, and are currently being case managed may qualify for a rental subsidy.

To Address and Prevent Homelessness - Treasure Coast Homeless Services
Addresses the needs of the homeless and works to prevent homelessness in Indian River, St Lucie, Martin and Okeechobee Counties.

Housing: Back to Top ^
Martin County Florida Service Housing

Grant assistance is available to help income eligible families purchase a distressed home in Martin County.

Martin County Florida Service SHIP (State Housing Initiative Partnership)

The Martin County SHIP Program is a state funded program administered by Martin County to provide and repair affordable housing.

Landscape Education and Information: Back to Top ^
Martin County Florida Service Florida Yards and Neighborhoods Program

Florida Yards and Neighborhoods is an environmental educational program teaching the public Florida-friendly landscaping practices.

Martin County Florida Service Master Gardener Program

This educational program offers University of Florida-researched gardening advice to homeowners, as well as Master Gardener training and volunteer services.

Martin County Florida Service Mulch & Martin County Residents

Mulch is available free to Martin County residents on a first-come, first-served basis at the Solid Waste/Landfill Facility. Not available to businesses.

Martin County Florida Service Outreach Education for Large Scale Production Agriculture/ Horticulture

Provide research-based information to the public to help them improve their livelihoods.

Volunteer Opportunities and Citizen Participation: Back to Top ^
Volunteer Opportunities - Florida Department of Children & Families

Volunteer Opportunities - Volunteer Center of Martin County

Martin County Florida Service Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are available at the Administrative Center information desk.

Volunteer Opportunities - Council on Aging of Martin County

Volunteer Opportunities - American Red Cross

Volunteer Services - Martin County Sheriff's Office

Martin County Florida Service Volunteers

The Parks and Recreation Department is always looking for volunteers!

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