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Animal Control Citation Payment - Clerk of the Circuit Court - Traffic Violations Div. - Main Office

Animal Control Enforcement - Martin County Sheriff's Office

Animal Licensing - Martin County Tax Collector
Animal licenses are purchased from the Tax Collector.

Barking Dogs - Martin County Sheriff's Office
It is unlawful to permit dogs to bark in a manner that disturbs a person or neighborhood.

Leash Law - Martin County Sheriff's Office
According to Martin County Code, it is unlawful to allow dogs to run at large.

Lost or Found Pets - Martin County Sheriff's Office

Rabies Control - Martin County Sheriff's Office

Animal/Wildlife Protection: Back to Top ^
Animal Shelter - Humane Society of the Treasure Coast
Protect and shelter homeless, abandoned, neglected and abused companion animals on the Treasure Coast.

Native Bird & Habitat Protection - Audubon of Martin County (AoMC)
Protect birds and their habitat for the pleasure and enjoyment of ourselves and future generations.

Martin County Florida Service Sea Turtle Nesting

Information about protecting sea turtle nests along Martin County beaches.

Wildlife Hospital - Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital
Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital offers help for sick, injured and orphaned wild animal patients, plus information and education for everyone in our community.

Animal/Wildlife Removal: Back to Top ^
Alligator Removal - Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
An alligator must be over three feet long and be considered a nuisance to be removed.

Animal - Strays/Pickups - Martin County Sheriff's Office

Cat or Dog Impoundment - Martin County Sheriff's Office

Martin County Florida Service Dead Animal Pickup on Martin County-maintained roadways and drainage areas

Dead Animal Pickup on State Roads - Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Snake Removal - Martin County Sheriff - Dispatch

Mosquito and Other Pests: Back to Top ^
Martin County Florida Service Bee Removal

Martin County will remove bees from county-owned property, but not from private property

Mosquito Repellent - Center for Disease Control
Frequently asked questions about insect repellents.

Martin County Florida Service Mosquito Repellent

Use a mosquito repellent with Deet on skin and clothing to prevent mosquito bites.

Martin County Florida Service Mosquito Season

The presence of mosquitoes is dependent upon the moisture level. Mosquito season occurs during our wet season, usually April through November of each year.

Martin County Florida Service Mosquito Spraying

There is no regular schedule for spraying. It is based on activity at surveillance sites located throughout the county and the amount of requests received.

West Nile Disease / Virus - Center for Disease Control
West Nile virus is spread by infected mosquitoes, and can cause serious, life-altering and even fatal disease.

Martin County Florida Service West Nile Disease / Virus

To avoid contracting West Nile Disease / Virus, spray with mosquito repellant, wear long sleeves, and/or avoid going outside when mosquitoes are active.

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